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Conference Session October 2019

In October 2019, Brendan Griebel will be co-hosting a conference session with Sean Guistini of Nunavut Arctic College Media at the Inuit Studies Conference in Montreal, QC. Titled Bringing it Back: The Reclamation of Inuit Digital Collections, Archives and Knowledge, the session brings together digital expertise from across the Canadian Arctic to build awareness of new and ongoing digital collections projects and explore the potential for more culturally-informed approaches to digital content management. Themes of Inuit ownership, collection priorities, and real world applications for digitized collections will also be addressed. Wapatah’s VPIA team will be presenting a paper in the session titledInuit Collections and the Virtual Platform for Indigenous Art,which will consider themes of cultural entanglement in historical and contemporary Inuit art, and how Inuit perceptions and meanings associated with material artworks can be represented in digital form. This presentation will be the first public showcasing of the early stage VPIA platform.



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