Indigenizing the Museum

In collaboration with Onsite Gallery and as part of the Virtual Platform for Indigenous Art, Indigenizing the Museum has been developed to create open dialogue and examine institutional collections and archives from around the world. With the aim of addressing questions around Indigenous curation, this event series reapproaches the relationship between community and museum through Indigenous art and visual ways …

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Wapatah Partners with Art Canada Institute
on Iljuwas Bill Reid: Life and Work

The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Haida artist Iljuwas Bill Reid. In honour and celebration of the work of this iconic artist, the Art Canada Institute commissioned Dr. Gerald McMaster to author a book about Reid’s life and work.  We at Wapatah are happy to announce that the online book was launched on December 11, …

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Arctic/Amazon Project

The Arctic/Amazon project is a premised on the understanding that artists integrate notions of spirituality, ancestral respect, traditional knowledges, and political critique into their processes of making and presenting their work. Envisioned as a multi-phase interdisciplinary project, the initial Symposium centralized Indigenous ontological approaches to develop interconnections between Amazonian Indigenous and Inuit thinkers, artists, and activists whose works address climate change midst …

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Arctic/Amazon Symposium

Arctic/Amazon Symposium was co-hosted by the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U) and the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in September 2019 as part of the multi-phase Arctic/Amazon project at Wapatah Centre for Indigenous Visual Knowledge. The purpose of this event was to gather established and emerging scholars, curators, and Indigenous artists primarily from North American regions …

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Entangled Gaze:
Haida Gwaii Knowledge-Exchange Workshop

The Entangled Gaze Knowledge-Exchange Workshop took place over two days in February 2019 at the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay This workshop convened an interdisciplinary group of scholars, curators, Elders, and student participants from across Canada, United States, and Europe. Our objective was to facilitate a bidirectional exchange of knowledge between Indigenous Knowledge-Keepers and both Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers. …

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The Entangled Gaze: Indigenous and European Views of Each Other

The Entangled Gaze: Indigenous and European Views of Each Other was a two-day conference co-hosted by OCAD University and the Art Gallery of Ontario. The conference convened an international group of scholars and museum professionals from the fields of art history, anthropology, cultural studies and curatorial practice to explore the topic of how Indigenous and European artists have represented each other …

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Voices of the Land

UNCEDED: Voices of the Land invited the global community to understand the traditions and history the lands of Turtle Island conceal, and the inextricable ties to identity, culture and destiny of Indigenous peoples, and indeed of everyone living there today. UNCEDED was an important opportunity for the nations of the world to see the tremendous contribution that Indigenous people can …

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Cree Code Talker

Cree Code Talker reveals/explores the role of Canadian Cree code talker Charles ‘Checker’ Tomkins during the Second World War. Digging deep into the US archives it depicts the true story of Charles’ involvement with the US Air Force and the development of the code talkers communication system, which was used to transmit crucial military communications, using the Cree language as …

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